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Design Visual Media Arts Pathway

The Design Visual Media Arts Pathway at Estancia High School is for students interested in discovering what the vast world of digital media production has to offer. The DVMA Pathway will prepare students for college and career readiness by providing the knowledge and technological skills needed to be successful in the technology-driven 21st Century.

EHS Career Technical Education

Multimedia Communications

This course introduces students to the world of media production using a wide variety of tools and software to create many forms of digital creative content. Topics include electronic music production, web design, graphic design, digital illustration, photo editing and video editing.

Visual Imagery

This course allows students to get a more advanced experience in photography and videography using DSLR cameras, as well as a more in-depth approach to post production. Topics include photography, photo editing, videography, and video editing.

Computer Graphics

This course takes a harder look at graphic design as a form of visual communication, using typography, images, color, elements of art, and principles of design. Projects explore design processes in two and three dimensions, visual identity, creative problem solving, and basic-intermediate design practice. Topics include photo editing, graphic design, digital illustration, and animation.